How to Buy JIO Official lottery tickets online.

Players can also buy lottery tickets online. Once the authorized remote operator to contact has been identified, one can purchase tickets in digital format by accessing one’s gaming account. However, if you do not have an active gaming account, open a new one and purchase the JIO Official Lottery tickets in digital format.

Prizes of the JIO Official Lottery: categories and daily prizes

The first prize of the JIO Lottery Head Office Number 2023, as established by the official regulation of the Customs, amounts. The amount of the other first-category prizes and any other prizes will be determined after the verification operations relating to the proceeds from the sale of the tickets. Finally, there are the daily prizes announced during the broadcast.


Check winnings of the JIO Official Lottery online.

Players who have purchased one or more tickets for the KBC JIO lottery Winner List 2023 can check if their ticket is a winner by using the specific winnings. Check the section on the website You can also check your winnings using the app available for iOS and Android smartphones. The procedure to check winnings requires the player to enter the series and number on the ticket in the dedicated section of the app. In the event of a winning ticket, to collect the prizes, it is necessary to contact the Prize Office of the National Lotteries and the branches of the and follow the instructions contained.

The probability of winning the maximum prize is paper tickets and generated digital tickets. This probability will increase if the number of tickets sold exceeds the total number of printed and generated tickets. The number of first-category prizes is set as the probability of winning. This probability will increase if the number of tickets sold exceeds the total number of printed and generated tickets. The amount of the first category prizes and the number and amount of any other prizes will be established at the end of the lottery based on the outcome of the ticket sale.


Probability of winning the JIO Official lottery – Historical data, including prizes awarded instantaneously

The probability of winning indicated above refers, for previous editions of the lottery, to the total number of winning tickets (including the prizes of the final draw, the daily and weekly prizes awarded in the connected television broadcast, as well as the prizes awarded instantaneously) compared to the total number of tickets sold.

With the JIO Official lottery 2023, daily prizes are also awarded from Monday to Friday: 60 prizes, one for each day, communicated during the episodes of the combined television program. The tickets to which the prizes above are attributed are drawn from among all those for which the relative participation codes will be sent (one for each ticket), according to the procedures set out in the determination above of the announcement. Therefore, the odds of winning these daily prizes vary according to the number of codes received.