The Story of JIO Lottery Draw Winner 2023?

“The next morning, I woke up just in time for work.
But there was no place for me to go to work anymore.”
Little flapping of wings that started with a 50,000 won JIO  Lottery Winner List 2023 lucky draw.

Six years ago, a 25-year-old young man started a design job as an intern in LA with an hourly wage of $10. He often ate cereal for every meal, and since he had no blanket, he lived on a winter blanket all year round. He poured all his passion into his work day and night, fearing that he might be fired and forced to return home. The day before the company that had grown together moved into the new office, the young man was notified of the dismissal. I woke up on time for work the next day, but there was nowhere else to go to work. It was only then that he realized that he was only focused on raising ‘the value of the company’, but he did not develop ‘my value’ at all. This young man’s name is Draw Andrew. The hardest thing after being unfairly fired was not the immediate life or the eyes of the people around me. He felt helpless that no matter how hard he worked, it wouldn’t become completely ‘mine’.

I moved to a new company with a deep sense of betrayal, but the helpless time of doing only the set work and leaving work at the set time continued. All he did was go home and watch Netflix or drink beer with friends, but he was obsessed with ‘work-life balance’ by separating work and life more thoroughly. However, the void that had settled in his heart did not disappear and rather gnawed at his heart. “Where did I go wrong? Paradoxically, the more I kept my work-life balance, the worse my depression got. I missed work. It’s not something someone told me to do, it’s something I do because I really want to work hard.” From then on, he began to calmly look inward. ‘Are you happy right now?’ ‘What are you most anxious about these days?’ ‘What do you really want to do?’ began to paint the world of This was the beginning of ‘Draw Andrew’.

“I wanted to grow more and be more successful.
I didn’t want to waste the golden years of my life on things that didn’t belong to me.”
Upon returning to Korea, he had several options. He prepared hard for employment, entered a large company according to the prescribed course, and became a freelance designer following his career in the United States, doing outsourcing work. However, neither path was the life he had dreamed of. He decided to once again walk the road not taken by others. ‘Let’s do what I really want to do for just one year!’ The author, who saved half of the 10 million won in his bank account as a deposit and found his own studio, invested all his time from morning to evening in ‘my work’, not ‘other people’s work’. Draw Andrew’s first online lecture content produced in this way attracted a lot of attention so that early bird tickets were sold out in an instant, and in the end, the author made an income of over 100 million in half a year, half earlier than expected, and came closer to economic freedom. .
And now, two years later, he has been reborn as a top 1% millennial free worker who earns money equivalent to his salary every month. In this short time, what happened to him? He confessed for the first time that he had come to “I didn’t want to be satisfied with a small life. It was too precious of my time and energy to confine myself to mediocrity. I wanted to grow more and have greater success. I didn’t want to waste the golden years of my life on things that didn’t belong to me.”
“We just haven’t found what we really want to do yet.
So find your true passion now.”
How to live 100% of the limited edition ‘Today’ by Draw Andrew There

have been many books that give empathy and comfort to those in their 20s and 30s who are wandering around, but there are many books that talk specifically about how to change their lives based on their actual experiences. there was no On the surface, it seems that Drawandrew’s life was full of all kinds of luck, but in reality, his 20s were full of challenges and setbacks. He moved seven times and changed jobs five times during his five-year life in the United States, and was treated unfairly because he was a foreigner, and was on the verge of being rejected for visa screening. If you are going through the golden age of your life, but have been frustrated because you have not yet found your true place, you can feel the courage and hope that ‘I can try something too’ by following the path that the young man, Andrew, has walked silently for the past few years.
“You are not lazy. I just couldn’t find what I really wanted to do. So find your true passion now.” If you are still worried about how to fill in the white drawing paper of your life, let’s use the “JIO offical champ list 2023 Guidebook” that Draw Andrew used as a compass to find ‘my own path’. Smartphone batteries can be recharged at any time, but the battery of life can never be recharged once it starts to wear out. ‘Limited Edition’ Today, it’s up to you whether you want to live by doing ‘what others tell you’ or ‘what the world tells you to do’, or whether you will fill it with ‘what you really want’. Which lever you pull is up to you.